Our Credo

By The Book Credo:

 At By The Book, we believe that you should operate your business "By The Book"

There are three books we operate by: 

  1. The Good Book or Holy Bible: We must operate at the highest level of business morals and ethics. There is no substitute to honesty and loyalty.

  2. Tax Code: Even though we may not agree with the tax rates and laws that are imposed by us by various local, state and federal government agencies, we must abide by and adhere to them. We believe that it is the fraud of the minority that escalates costs and tax rates for the honest business owner. If more businesses operated "By The Book" keeping the interest of the whole in mind, we as an individual will ultimately be able to operate with lower costs.

  3. Policy & Procedures: We have spent many years up dating and fine tuning "how" we run our business. The policy and procedures detail workflow and how work is processed and how we follow the two books above. Processing workflow the same way for every client breeds the highest level of efficiency and productivity.

At By The Book, we believe in loyalty to not only ourselves, our company and our brand, but to our customers. We will do what is right for you. Many times this results in telling clients not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. Loyalty above all else, except honor.